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Our partners

5 outstanding partners

enVie is the realisation of the common dream of 5 partners our of the ordinary.
Our social enterprise has been develop and managed by 5 partners each bringing their precious building stone to a company that wants to be sustainable.
Our partners:

McCain wants to support projects in communities living in precarious situations, whether they are local or on the other side of the world. This in the spirit that everyone, to his measure, can act. At McCain, we are committed to improving the lives of these communities, through development of projects in co-creation and supporting local stakeholders. McCain leads projects in France, Greece, Colombia and Morocco, always in the context of social enterprises.

Katrin Sano, Key Account Manager at McCain Foods: “As an employee, I am extremely proud that the McCain family dares to invest in an Belgian social enterprise. This gives me extra motivation to work with McCain.”

Randstad Group

Randstad Group plays a central role in the creation of work teams at enVie. The job vacancies in production are offered to long-term unemployed individuals for whom this job represents a sustainable return to the labour market.v

Herman Nijns, CEO de Randstad Group BeLux : “This partnership is a logical extension of one of our values. Our activities always benefit all our stakeholders: society in general, our client groups and ourselves. We also take our social responsibility very seriously and aim for sustainability. This partnership therefore offers us the opportunity to show that people who are far from the labour market can provide added value and support for sustainable employment. It’s not always easy, but Randstad’s collaborators have hundreds of success stories to share. I am pleased that this partnership allows us once again to highlight the importance of integrating these types of individuals into the labour market.”

REO Veiling

REO Veiling supplies surplus fresh vegetables from Belgian producers. These vegetables are particularly suitable for the production of soups (courgettes, leeks, celery, tomatoes etc.)

Piet Coysman, cultivateur de tomates membre de REO Veiling : “We produce between 500 and 600 tonnes of tomatoe. In times of overproduction, we often have to throw away tomatoes, which is, of course, a shame. Thanks to enVie, we can add value to the surplus and are very satisfied with this initiative.”

Dominiek Keerseblick, Commercial Director of REO Veiling: “As a cooperative of farmers, we believe in the added value of collaboration to address issues such as sustainability and food waste. Thanks to the targeted collaboration of the different partners, we can add value to surplus vegetable and fruits, which represents an added value for us as a producer, for the social enterprise and ultimately also for the consumers.

Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group provides enVie with a solid distribution network, offering wide product visibility and real availability for the consumer. enVie soups are available to consumers in 125 OKay stores and 6 OKay Compact stores in Belgium.

Ingrid, member of the OKay Team: “I think it’s fantastic that we can make a difference by selling the soups of enVie. They are, by the way, really delicious!”

Stefan Goetheart, Managing Director of Colruyt Group FineFood: “We are proud to have been able to make a significant contribution to the realisation of enVie. By marketing enVie under our ‘house brand’ Boni Selection, we are offering customers of OKay and OKay Compact the beautiful story of enVie and their pure and qualitative products. We look forward to continuing to support the enVie team in this adventure and to make a difference together, both socially and environmentally. ”

La Fédération Belge des Banques Alimentaires

The Belgian Federation of Food Banks supports enVie as an ethical partner, offering all its expertise as a social actor in the service of the project. The enVie project corresponds closely to the mission of the Belgian Food Banks, namely the fight against hunger and food waste, as well as the reintegration of people in precarious conditions through social employment.

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