Envie Atelier | Our soups
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The soups of enVie are rich in vegetables.

250 ml of enVie soup contains 125 g of fresh vegetables, which is counts for more than 1 of the 3 daily portions (100g) of vegetables to consume daily.

Our vegetables are provided from Belgian producers and come directly from the fields. These vegetables are the surplus that did not find takers because there were already too many on the market. Or because they do not fit the conventional criteria: zucchini too thin, tomatoes not round enough, potatoes too small or chicory with leaves in battle.

As long as they  are fresh and of high quality, they are welcome at enVie!

In our first year of operation, we plan to “save” 50 tons of vegetables from food waste. After 2 years, our goal is to reach 100 tons. Will you help us?

Our range consists of 7 delicious soups recopies: 3 are permanent and 4 are seasonal.

It takes no less than 1 kg of vegetables to prepare 2 litres of soup.